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I will be your Impartial Advocate.

I do not make my living from selling insurance, from giving home loans, from selling or fixing cars, or from selling real estate. My job is not connected to Gallatin. That makes it easy for me to be unbiased. How can someone be impartial when their business directly benefits from approving all the rapid growth we are experiencing?

Furthermore, I am not from here. I understand why a lot of locals wouldn’t want to get too involved; in a small town where families have lived for generations, it is common for most people to be connected or related somehow. And even if one doesn't like the trajectory the city is on, they may stay out of it for fear of damaging relationships or causing trouble for a family member.


My wife, Michelle, and I truly love Gallatin! We love the small-town feel, the history of the town, and how friendly everyone is. Michelle and I are a team and share the same vision for the future of this city. We want good things for Gallatin and its citizens. Because I am not from here, I can be your impartial advocate. I can vote for the right thing for Gallatin - not the right thing for "my pocket", as my job has no connection to Gallatin. I can speak the truth without fear that one of my cousins will lose his job. I have an outsider’s objective vantage point, but an insider’s love for the city.


Let’s work together for the good of Gallatin. I will be YOUR voice! 

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The Future of Gallatin


Gallatin growth is out of control and it is affecting our daily life with growing traffic, crowded schools, and inadequate infrastructure. We need to protect the things we love about our city. We need to keep our small town feeling, and we need all our wonderful natural resources, open spaces, and historical treasures protected. Over the past few years, I have been shocked at how fast the city is changing, orchestrated by a city council more concerned with acquiring new citizens, than with the well being of the current ones. I promise to work hard on your behalf, and to do what is right for you and the city we love. 

Your Voice Matters
What are YOUR concerns? That will be my focus as your next Gallatin councilman. My promise is to listen to YOU. I will ensure that your voices are not ignored at council meetings and that your cares, questions, and concerns are heard and addressed. Every voice of every citizen deserves to be heard. I will represent YOU - the citizens of Gallatin. I will be YOUR voice.
Protecting Our Dollars


All decisions made at the City Council level have direct or indirect repercussions on our Tax dollars. Prioritizing expenditures properly is key to ensuring a safe and fiscally sound city. We have seen County property taxes go up. As your city councilman, I will push for a balanced budget in order to make sure that our tax money is responsibly invested into projects that will serve the existing community with priority given to infrastructure, economic development and safe neighborhoods.

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