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Most people who know me would say that I am driven by my work, my family, and a love for the truth. As your city councilman, I will be dedicated to ensuring our city government is transparent with its citizens and held accountable for its stewardship of our growing communities and infrastructure. I will always listen to your concerns and will echo your voice.


After years of visiting our family here in Hendersonville, Castallian Springs, and Nashville, we moved from California to Gallatin in 2016. (That was a big move - all five of us, Pascal, Michelle, two cats and one horse). We chose Gallatin for its historic downtown square, and the beautiful, scenic, open farmland everywhere. Our home, Historic Maple Cottage, was built in 1850 - one of the original homes in Sumner County with some acres for our horse.

Shortly after moving in, the entire landscape surrounding us began to change dramatically. Hundreds of acres of meadows and fields were bulldozed and flattened and all the trees piled up and burned. And in their place, apartment buildings were built. Thousands of apartments. We were in shock. The character and charm that attracted us to this land was disappearing. We had bought a historic home on acreage for a reason. The field next door to us - the same size field that all of our neighbors had ONE house on - was approved by the city for the construction of 45 houses. What was going on?! Reasonable people expect similar or complementary things to be built next to them. Our neighborhood was being flooded by things that were out of character, and opposed by all of the existing neighbors who had lived in the area for many years - some families for generations.

It took something personal - this city's out-of-control growth affecting our neighborhood in such a dramatic way - for us to get involved. We are not from here, but we are here now; and we are here to stay. We are more involved than many people who are from here. We attend every city council meeting that we can. Since 2017, we have read every single city council agenda and every single planning commission agenda. We have attended most of the city council meetings, some of the planning commission meetings, and all of the Plan Gallatin meetings. We regularly speak with the mayor, the city staff, and our city council members. Maybe we should get an honorary "From Here" badge.

As a former Los Angeles resident, we saw first hand how grey concrete replaced the green spaces; increased traffic and increased taxes took its toll. Since making Gallatin our home, we have witnessed this beautiful city following a similar path. We have spoken to many of you, Gallatin’s citizens, who are also concerned about the direction our beloved city is headed.

I thank you for trusting me in representing you on the city council. I will be YOUR voice.

Pascal Jouvence

Born and raised in France; my Mom was a 1st grade teacher and my Dad was an accountant. After graduating from college and receiving a Master of Arts in physical education, emphasis in equestrian, I enrolled in the army where I served 8 years. I lived in Africa for few years and then moved to the USA in 2000. I am proud to have become an American Citizen. I am an Airline Pilot. I ride my horse almost as well as I ride my Zero Turn.

Michelle Landry Jouvence

Born in Southern California. My parents are Christian Missionaries and I grew up in the USA, Canada and the Philippines. I attended college for Religious Education and Fashion Design. I have over twenty years experience as a small business owner. I started and managed two successful businesses, an apparel manufacturing company and a retail store. I love gardens, historic homes and vintage clothing. 

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