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Let's Talk...

Things I will push for:

Moratorium on annexations and high-density developments until a real impact study on infrastructure (roads, city services, parks, etc.) has been done. 


Shrinking of the Urban Growth boundaries to restrain development from encroaching on rural areas.

Modification of the city charters to change the way city council and planning commission meet. The goal will be to have city council meet on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month and planning commission meet on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month. Aldermen will be able to attend the planning commission meetings helping the aldermen to be more informed before their future votes. 

Changes to zoning ordinances to close all loopholes used by developers to circumvent limitations.

Implementation of a transportation Level of Service requirement.

Changes to the planning ordinances so things are done in order following common sense practices like requiring traffic studies to be done first before approving any plans.

Disentangle Gallatin from the GNRC (Greater Nashville Regional Council) so decisions are made by Gallatin and not Nashville. Gallatin should not become a dormitory city for Nashville.

Improvement on the way Citizens are appointed to committees, including term limits, equal representation for each district, appointment based on knowledge and not special interests, limiting access to persons with known conflicts of interests.

Fair and equal treatment of all city employees. 

Implement a social media policy for city employees to make sure our city image and our citizens are protected. 

Enough money appropriated in the budget each year to make sure our first responders are well paid and have the best equipment to do their job safely and efficiently.

Citizens to have remote access to all meetings including the possibility to participate to public comments remotely.


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