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Voting Is Easy. Here Are Some Helpful Tips.

There are two elections coming up. Here are some helpful tips.

Did you know that it's ok to vote for just the people/seats you want to vote for? If you don't know about one of the candidates or elected positions, or are not sure about one of the candidates and their position or beliefs on issues, it's ok to leave it blank; or better yet to write in a name, even if the name is your own name or "James Bond" or "Walt Disney". This is not disrespectful or irreverent, this is you saying that you are not going to pick one of the choices, just because those are the only choices. It's ok to pick "none of the above" in a multiple choice question, and by writing in a name, it eliminates a possible mistaken vote for the wrong person by leaving it blank.

Did you know that it's important to vote in the local county and municipal elections? These elections actually directly impact your quality of life in this town more than the national elections do.

Did you know that candidates are people just like you and me, and they would like for you to talk to them and ask them questions?

Did you know that the City of Gallatin has property owner voting rights? Not all municipalities do, but Gallatin does. This means that if you do not live in Gallatin, but you do own property in Gallatin and are a registered voter in the state of Tennessee, you are allowed to vote in the Gallatin elections as well as in the local elections of your city/county of residence. It is easy, you just bring your Gallatin property deed to the registrar of voters at the Sumner County building (355 N Belvedere Dr). They will register you to vote, and you will receive a ballot by mail to vote in the Gallatin municipal elections. For the elections in the city or county where you live, you will vote the same way you normally do.

The Federal and State Primary and Sumner County general elections are on August 6th. Early voting is happening now, the early voting location is the County Board of Education Gymnasium at 695 E Main Street in Gallatin.

The Federal and State general elections, and The City municipal elections are on November 3rd.

I am running for Gallatin City Council At Large, and I would appreciate your vote. The election is November 3rd. My focus is to listen to the citizens of Gallatin, and to be the voice of the citizens. Please call or email me with any questions, 615-393-3629 or . You can read about me on my website, and please follow my Facebook page, Pascal for Gallatin for updates.

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