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It is like a Magic trick!!!

Pascal here. I have been in office for one year now and I have to admit I am still regularly wondering why anyone can even think of going into Politics.

When I say anyone, I am talking about people that are going in for the right reason meaning serving others.

Think Politic is like watching a magic show.

Let me explain:

Candidates are kind of like Magicians. They will tell and show you what you want to see, they will distract you from the real stories, except that, in contrary of the magician, there will be no reveal...

Everything would be a lot simpler if elected officials or candidates will actually speak the truth and I honestly would have more respect for them if that was the case.

When you take an oath of office, you actually agree to a contract with your constituents, you work for them. You are not here to advance your own agenda or use your platform to gain things (monetary or not). You are here to serve.

Even if I am a sitting elected official, I try to keep an outsider view on what is happening, wondering how I would see things if not in this seat.

And trust me, I see things.

And when I see things, I say things. I have no problem saying it how it is.

Let's do a little fun exercise. The picture on top of this blog was actually taken from the Facebook page of another Gallatin council member. If you go on my FB page, it says "Political Candidate". If you look at the majority of sitting elected officials, it says, "Political Candidate", "Politician", "Government Official", etc.... Facebook lets you do that, and the process is easy. It is a simple and easy choice when you create your page.

That is not the case here, it says Real estate.

Now, let's do some counter magic.

Here are some before and after pictures if people would actually tell the truth.

And I could go on and on and on...

In today's social media world, everything is out in the open. All you need to do is take some time and do some research. Go to their Facebook page, look at the posts, and more importantly look at the comments (and who comments).

If someone is a realtor, their signs look like realtor signs, their Facebook page says Realtor, guess what, that is what they are and that is how they will think and act.

If someone runs for every open seat whatever election they can run in, guess what, all they want is the power.

If someone say they are Republicans, but their Facebook page is full of congratulations and high five from hard core Democrats, guess what, they are probably not what they say they are.

Again, like I said before, I would have more respect for those kinds of people if they were actually admitting who they are and what are their reasons for running. Citizens are not that stupid, and at one point, they will see right through you. You can't hide forever.

May be if Politicians were more straight forward, people would put more trust in their government.

To conclude, it is again election time. The Magicians, I mean the candidates will tell you whatever you want to hear to get your vote. Do your homework and do what is right. Just remember, elections have consequences.

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