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Is Pascal A Democrat Or A Republican?

Since I decided to run for city council, I have been asked multiple times if I am a Democrat or a Republican? I always answer the question, and I will here too.

I am a registered Republican and hold Conservative values.

I know, I used the "R" word but please, if you consider yourself a Democrat or an Independent, give me a chance and keep reading this post.

First of all, I will tell you that I am running in a non-partisan race. And the reason I am running is to be the voice of the people, and it does not matter to me if you are a Republican, a Democrat or something else , I will work hard to represent your voice and your concerns.

The city council makes decisions on local issues that affects our quality of life as a community, for example, approving the budget, approving the property tax rate, buying a new fire truck, buying more garbage trucks, or approving rezoning requests for development. As a citizen, I have been working hard for the last few years to make sure our voices are heard by the city council, and elected or not, I will continue to work hard to represent the voice and the concerns of the citizens.

Do you enjoy seeing your property taxes going up every few years? I do not and I have not met anybody yet, Republican or Democrat, who cheered after receiving their last bill.

Do you enjoy sitting in traffic after a long, hard day at work? I do not. Again, I have not met anybody yet, Republican or Democrat, who enjoys bumper to bumper traffic.

Do you enjoy seeing this changing landscape where our trees and green space disappear to make room for apartment buildings or giant developments? I do not. And again, I have not met anybody yet, Republican or Democrat, who praises the constant nuisances related to all this new construction.

Do you enjoy going out to our local restaurants having great food and listen to good music? I do and everyone I see there, Republican or Democrat, appears to enjoy it too.

Do you enjoy riding on smooth open roads? I do . And again, I have not met anyone yet, Republican or Democrat, who praises potholes and rugged asphalt.

These examples are just here a way to start a conversation and help us realize that, Republican or Democrat, we have more in common that we want to admit. I have Democrat friends, I have Republican friends, I have Independent and Libertarian friends; I even have friends who do not consider themselves part of the system. I enjoy our conversations and I know that everyone of us has good ideas that can be put to good use.

I have traveled all over the world and lived in multiple countries and different continents but I choose with all my heart to live in Gallatin. I am not from here, but like a lot of us, I am here now. I will always work hard to protect our beautiful city and fight to make sure Gallatin is not destroyed by greed or personal agendas.

If you are Blue, or if you are Red, I will be your voice. Vote yellow.

P.S: A citizen told me today that I would probably get more votes if I was presenting myself as an independent. I can assure you that I will not sell my soul for votes, this is not the point here. I am not a politician. I am who I am and this is what you get.

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